Hi. I’m Leo Flynn!

I’m Leo, a young indie author who writes queer young adult hopepunk through my small indie publishing venture Lunaseeker Press. My first trilogy, THE MARA FILES, is a YA Space Opera Adventure. I’ve also published two short story collections, GALACTIC CASTAWAY, and FLASHES OF MEMORY.

I’m currently working on: MARA’S RECKONING, the final book in The Mara Files, and an interconnected short story collection: FORGOTTEN ISLES.

I’m the founder of Road Less Read, a book recommendations blog, showcasing the best science fiction, fantasy, and young adult books.

My work has been published in Issue 11 of the Bold Magazine. I also write fanfiction.

I’m originally from Australia, but I can be found bouncing all over the place. My passion for reading everything I can get my hands on consumes most of my waking hours.

Contact me at leo@leoflynn.com, or connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.