Short Story Collections

flashes Of Memory

Flashes Of Memory Book Cover

Delve into Flashes Of Memory: a collection of captivating stories of awe-inspiring futures.

Assembled in this radiant collection are bite-sized marvels of ‘hopepunk’ science fiction – a sub-genre championing optimism in the face of adversity. Embark on thrilling journeys to distant galaxies, encounter life on uncharted planets, and marvel at advanced technologies and their profound impact on societies.

Imagine solar-powered dragons ruling the sky, time-traveling mailboxes delivering messages across centuries, and humanity’s poignant exodus to new worlds. Encounter tales of lost friendships revived, galactic lighthouses, and fading deities, each tale an exploration of what science fiction can achieve – and often, much more.

Just don’t blink, for every flash offers a tale of its own.

forgotten isles

Sarizha, a perpetual loner with total disregard for self-preservation, is the perfect candidate for testing the latest push forward in interstellar travel. Instant teleportation. If it works, this could upend the universe as everyone knows it.

After signing a Liability Waiver, and waving goodbye to the excited crowd, Sarizha is ready to depart. It’s simple. Just a trip in the Voyage Finder, from the Central Core to Pinnacle Outpost on the edge of the galaxy. It would take two years in the fastest hyperspace lane. This expedition? Should only take a few minutes.

Except when she emerges, she’s not on Pinnacle Outpost, her ship and its teleportation device are ruined, and she’s also stranded in a jungle the computer doesn’t recognize. The worst part is, she may never want to leave.

This charming adventure mixes a low-stakes travelogue with cozy science fiction.

Galactic castaway

Galactic Castaway Book Cover

Be whisked across the stars with a collection of short science fiction stories centered around people finding their way in an immense and starkly beautiful universe.

From the irradiated ruins of a forgotten planet to the far reaches of systems still being explored, the compelling characters in these stories show even in the depths of space, there’s hope.

In “The Freedom Zenith,” teenage refugees discover an ancient battleship with secrets of the great battles of ages past. In “You Choose To Be Bright,” a young bookseller discovers the first member of another species his planet has seen in decades. And in “There’s No Good Option,” a friendship is stretched to the limit when one has to ask a favor with the power to change the course of the war.

This anthology of short stories delivers tales of struggle, courage and optimism against dire odds, showcasing the resilience of the human (and alien) spirit light years away.